Lemurian Poetry 
Written by Maureen K.  

I Seek Thee

I Seek Thee through birth
through Life and beyond the mystery called Death
I seek Thee through illness and health
I seek Thee
in the dark of the night and in the light of the day
I seek Thee lifetime after lifetime
through this illusion called Life
in this world of tragedy and triumph
I seek Thee in danger
and even while the sunlight smiles
I see Thee
through Time
because Time does not matter
I see Thee first
knowing that all else shall be added
unto me
I see Thee my beloved Creator
because You are Everything
and the only One
who matters
to me.

Maureen K. (about 2000)


Nature and Me

Well, you know that there's something in the wind
that lifts me
something in the moon that drifts me
and even when the snowy arms
of winter clasp round me
I feel her tumbling hair
warm my face
the sun beats down upon me
and water restores it
washing the dust and sweat of life
from me
and I'm quite aware that she and Old Man Time
are plotting my days
and somewhere in the future
dead leaves are falling on a weed-covered grave
but until then
I'll feel the burning Sun
and the wind
walk in the early morning grass
and dive into watery depths
and wonder at a thunderstorm
for who am I
to doubt her?

Maureen K. (about 1966)


The Wind in the Trees Cries Moon

The wind in the trees cries Moon
I'll see you soon
my flower garden
welcomes you
there is a well in the Garden
draw out the crystal clear water
and drink
My angels watch
from the tree tops
they sing a song of praise
to the Heavens
and the man at the gate
in black robes
can't get in
into the Garden of Eden
so fly white dove
into the clouds
and beyond the Moon
for the wind in the trees cries Moon
and I'll see you soon


Believe in Me

Believe in Me
when the wells run dry
Believe in Me
when the crops wither and die
for I can't survive without your Faith
and you can't sustain yourself
without Me.


My Lord

I see You Lord
in a handful of thin air
my heart approaches my soul
my mind probes itself
to meet You there
I am lost my Lord
absorbed in utter conflict
lest I be called a hypocrite
and regret my whole life's course
I must return to the Source

Love will become the deed
and Life will become the seed
I must not forget
that promises made
cannot fade
I love you my Lord
set me straight
become my Fate.


Praise the Elements

Your feet are the earth
oh beautiful flesh
skin bare to the elements
earth, fire, water and air
because you are a part of them
and now, in April
can't you feel the sun within you
also burning brighter
warmer, upon the face of the Earth
and Truth is mounting
ocean waves are flying spray
into the air
Oh Neptune!
follow the Sunbeam People
They go from whence we came
and nothing ever changes
but the Same.

Maureen K. (about 1970)

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