Lemuria FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Version 5) developed from Lemuria List member contributions, and compiled by Anna anna at annalou.com 


1. What is Lemuria?

It's an ancient land predating any civilization we currently know. There is some disagreement about where it was located, what the inhabitants looked like, etc., but most seem to put it as a continent in the Pacific ocean. The name is actually "Mu", someone named an ancient land that sunk near India "Lemuria" and it seems to have stuck in reference to the ancient land that pre-dates Atlantis.

2. Are Lemuria and Atlantis related?

Some believe that Atlantis and Lemuria were around partially at the same time and that the more scientific-rational group inhabited Atlantis, and Lemuria had more individuals that were more artistically and spiritually inclined. Some also believe that large-scale experiments which took place in Atlantis caused the eventual destruction of both civilizations because of dramatic geo-physical dislocations.

3. Why is there so much discussion of aliens on this list?

Some believe that Mu was populated from another planet, so any and all discussion of alien origin, or return, or activities has been of interest to some, and has been shared on the list. Some of the military related postings also relate to this because it is believed by some that certain alien species have infiltrated for their own nefarious purposes.

4. Why is there so much spiritual discussion on this list?

Some are interested in returning to the more peace-loving society that existed in Mu. Some are curious about the beliefs of ancient Lemurians. It appears that many on the list would like to bring us back to a kind of Lemurian utopia now. Because of all of this, there is a lot of posting of material that is sprititually-oriented. There is a sub-group that is trying to live the "Lemurian Way". There also is some channeled material that is presented. Some feel that they have lived lives as Lemurians and are just waking up to it in this incarnation. There is also a lot of New Age material distributed in this vein.

5. Are there any scientists or classical historians among the list?

Yes, and sometimes there is heated debate! Many are also interested in the archeological findings about Mu, and what kind of technology they had. It is said that they had very advanced, non-polluting technology and of course, many of us are keenly interested in its discovery and use again in the modern world.

6. Are there some archives of the list available?

Not at the present time, but there are a few select listings, a kind of 'best of the list' are available by request. Currently available are
Churchward Lecture,  in six parts

Best of Lemuria #1 What does it mean to be a Lemurian?
Best of Lemuria #2 Intro to things Mu
Best of Lemuria #3 Cosmic Hitchhiker
Lemurian Dreams #1

To receive these by e-mail, send mail to Anna anna at annalou.com 

7. Are there some books I can read to get some background/deepen my understanding about Mu?

Yes. The list is NOT in order of importance. The scientists/historians among us would recommend starting (and perhaps ending) with Churchward. Since the continent was 'lost', there is not a lot of 'scientific' material. But there are some channeled sources etc. Here is a partial list

Legends of Atlantis and Lost Lemuria

W. Scott-Elliot, John Algeo
Atlantis and Lemuria
Published 1991

Discover the Dreamer from Lemuria
Lazaris / Audio Cassette / Published 1991

Journeys of Remembrance Atlantis and Lemuria
Ph.D. Nancy Clark / Audio Cassette

Lazaris Remembers Lemuria
Steven Boone / Audio Cassette / Published 1987

Lazaris Remembers Lemuria-CD
Steven Boone / Audio CD / Published 1985

The Lost Lemuria - 1904
W. Scott Elliot / Paperback / Published 1997

Mylhi A Novel of Temple Life in Lemuria
Bette Klein / Paperback / Published 1997

The Problem of Lemuria
Lewis Spence / Paperback / Published 1992

Problem of Lemuria The Sunken Continent of the Pacific ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Lewis Spence / Paperback / Published 1997

Ra-Mu of Lemuria Speaks
Ruth Norman / Hardcover / Published 1988

Atlantis and Lemuria
Rudolf Steiner

Cosmic Memory Atlantis and Lemuria
Rudolf, Steiner

Lemuria Soul Mates
Roberta Rhodes Kimpton, Robert Walker (Illustrator)

Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific (The Lost City Series)
David Hatcher Childress

Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria
Scott Elliot

Lost Continent of Mu ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days
James Churchward / Paperback / Published 1995

Sacred Symbols of Mu ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days
James Churchward / Paperback / Published 1989

Children of Mu
James Churchward / Paperback / Published 1988

Cosmic Forces of Mu Vol 2
James Churchward / Paperback / Published 1992

Ra-Mu of Lemuria Speaks
Ruth Norman / Hardcover / Published 1988

Red tree insight into lost continents, Mu and Atlantis
Christine Hayes

The Diary of Kland
Tony Earl and Hans Stephan Stanesseon.
(Continutation of Churchward's work, an archaeological expedition in 1959,
going back to Mexico and finding more tablets and scrolls.)

The Sun Rises
Robert D. Stelle
Pub. by Lemurian Fellowship, Ramona, CA

The Ultimate Frontier
Eklal Kueshana
the Adelphi Group, Quinlan, TX

The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom
Mark Amaru Pinkham

Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution
Amorah Quan Yin
published by Bear & Co.

Lemurian Scrolls
by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Lemuria - The Lost Continent of the Pacific
by W. S. Cerve
published by the Rosicrucians

The Lemurian Way, Remembering your Essential Nature
by Lauren O. Thyme
to be published fall, 1999 by Galde Press

Flying Serpents and Dragons
R. A. Bouley
...a scholarly digest of reports from the sumerian
sacred tablets...

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean
Song of the Spirit
% N.Radin
2853 Clinch Valley Rd.
Treadway, TN 37881

for a more complete list of Lemurian books see our book pages list

Special thanks to Anna  at annalou.com for developing this FAQ.

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